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About The Orlando Employee Discounts

What is The Orlando Employee Discount Program? We started the Orlando Employee Discount Program in 2006 and today we have partnered with over 1100 large employers and member based programs across the nation. Some of the companies we have partnered with are: 31 of 50 State Governments, hundreds of unions, teacher associations, twelve department of Educations and many many more.

The goal of the Orlando Employee Discount Program is to provide a closed loop marketing program where we offer members and employees of select companies to receive exclusive discounts on theme park tickets, hotel rooms, vacation homes, and car rentals.

How Do We Offer Such Great Deals? It is really simple, since our website is a closed loop marketing program which means we are only offering these deals to a select group and not offering these deals to the general public the Orlando Theme Parks, Hotels, and Vacation Home Providers allow us to offer discounts that far exceed what they are offering to the general public. The theory behind this is really simple, if a general manager of a hotel has rooms that go unused tonight then they are losing potential profit so why not allow us to offer the unused inventory to our members at a greatly reduced rate. After all, our website is password protected and only members and employees of select companies are able to access our discounts so they do not have to worry that every person coming off the street will be able to see or access these deals.

What Separates Us from our competition? We are the only Orlando based affinity travel program, and we only concentrate on providing the absolute best deals for guest who want to travel to Orlando. All our agents who work for us all live in Orlando, and we feel this gives us the opportunity to provide excellent customer service. Plus our goal everyday is to continue to search for new partners and work with our current partners to continue to bring your member and your employees the absolute best deals.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-633-7108 ext 7007 or email us at [email protected]

Employee Discount Packages

Save time and money by combining your lodging and theme park tickets together into one package.

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